Sports allows writer to embrace sexuality and travel the world

He sat at the bar in the Halcyon coffee shop in downtown Austin, Texas, with two glasses of wine to calm his nerves. Red wine — possibly pinot noir, if he remembers correctly.

This self-labeled “exotic creature” was writing the piece that could define him, as well as his career. He was ready to come out to the world as a gay sports writer.

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There’s Austin on the Walls

Photo by Joan Vinson

Local artists paint an experience for travelers who stay at Drifter Jack’s Hostel.

The hostel sits on top of Thai Noodle House, located right across the street from the UT campus, and doubles as a gallery for aspiring artists. Andy Ward, 2011 UT alumnus and owner of Drifter Jack’s, opened the hostel in early October of 2013, right in time for the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

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An Alternative Approach to Homeless Housing

The people behind the Community First! project picture a $7-million, 27-acre space in East Austin filled with housing, living and gardening opportunities for Austin’s chronically homeless.

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Senior blends jazz performance and neuroscience

Photo by Sarah Wilson

Korzekwa: So what do you like about neuroscience?
Hankamer: There is so much that we don’t know about the brain. There is just so much to figure out and who knows what we can do with it once we know how it can be applied.

What is your history with the Longhorn Band?

I joined the Longhorn Band to march my freshman year and have been in it every year since. Although I’m a jazz bass major, I play the tuba in LHB, and have been a section leader for the past two years. It’s such a great organization with amazing people.

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Tune In And Be ‘Blinded With Science’

A troupe of intrepid Natural Sciences graduate students are DJ’s for a KVRX radio show that brings science to a broader audience.

Photo by Alex Wang

If you are looking for a local spin on science, tune to KVRX radio every Monday at 8:30 p.m. to catch “They Blinded Me with Science” and hear grad students Nichole Bennett, Amanda Perofsky, Stavana Strutz and Michael Gully-Santiago bring the poetry of science to listeners’ ears weekly, covering research from the College of Natural Sciences, UT Austin, and around the world.

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